3 keys to create beautiful graphic for Black Friday

An engaging Black Friday campaign is essential

Black Friday is now key for most US and European brands at consumer level. According to the latest eMarketer research, Black Friday sales surged in France, Germany and Italy. It is also a day when having your best campaign live can pay-off as consumers hunt for best deal online. Yet, what can you do to make sure you can make the most out of Black Friday?

Like we always said, creating great graphics can convert. A sophisticated and trustworthy campaign graphic is one of the key for any successful marketing strategy. In this article, we will go through 3 keys for you to quickly understand the key in creating a great graphic to promote your offers:

  1. Keep it consistent
  2. Grab the attention with secrecy
  3. Tone of voice

Like most answer to most secret, ‘simplicity itself’. It is always sound easy from the surface but when you dive deeper, you will find out it takes a lot of practice. Since we are only 3 days away from Black Friday, let me get to the point real quick:

  1. Keep it consistent: Like many thing in life, consistency is key to every successful achievement. The same principle applies to brand building and marketing. Keep every marketing campaigns you delivered consistent across all touch points. For consistency I am referring  to maintaining the standard of tone of voice, look & feel and more. I can go on and on about branding like an old man but TLDR: Keep your choice of wording consistent, keep your font style consistent, keep your choice of colour consistent. Keep you photo style consistent. If you can make people feel the same way you brand has been perceived, you’re doing this right.

  2. Secrecy: It is in human’s DNA to reveal secret behind mask. Instead of telling your offer right away, why don’t we create a secret message and have our audience to take action and see for themselves?

  3. Tone of voice: I can’t emphasis enough on how important your tone of voice is. Depends on the type of business you are running, thinking about wether it is appropriate for you to say it loud, with a bold word telling you are offering 30% off everything, or say it with a bit of humour. Any marketing campaign that prompts some kind of emotion is destined for success.

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That’s all for today. Happy papering your business.



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