Bug-fix Friday


Every Friday we will be focus on fixing many different kind of bugs and glitches that you may find across the site, especially on the graphic editor! Today we have updated the design for Bold, starting with a FREE new 16:9 layout, which is great for creating Youtube video thumbnails, Twitter, Blog cover art and more!

By changing the fonts, picture and colour, you can easily modify this layout and create new type of style for your products or services,

I aimed to create 3 designs for 3 different type of industry within 5 minutes so please forgive about the message, which I am sure they don’t make much sense to you. However this have saved me great deal of time if I am using other solutions, like Canva or professional design software like Photoshop, which I will have to look through over 1000 of templates, select and begin to edit. From those 3 examples you can see what matter most is the right choice of fonts, colour and picture.

I hope this give you a sense on how our tools could help you. We are planning to produce some tutorial videos to help you pick up the learning curve easily. Stay curious and have a happy Friday!




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