Paper&Media 1.0 – Welcome all


I would like to thank you all for being on board here on Paper&Media. This is the very first day we publicly launch this product. The goal for Paper&Media is to provide every members a design tool that is simple and capable, to let you make multiple graphics with consistent style in the long run. Because we believe consistent visual language and tone of voice is essential for every successful brand building, making a memorable impression on your potential customers. It is a powerful way to distinguish yourself from every other competitors, to clarify what your products or services offer, that makes you the better choice.

Currently this is in its very early stage of development. We currently have only 3 themes, and 6-7 layouts for each themes. There are many bugs with the tools and template that requires our daily optimisation to make things easier for you to use.

Please feel free to comment below and let me know what is your experience so far. Feel free to share your business here with every members so I can have a better sense on what type of template should I create next.

To quickly gain a general ideas on how the software could help you, please see video above, and perhaps follow our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube Channel so you will be posted with latest insights and inspiration.

Below is some of our plans on the upcoming development road map:

  • Offering 16:9 format layout for our members to create cover for Video thumbnails
  • Offering template for Twitter type of graphics
  • New design for restaurant, cafe type of business
  • New design for SaaS type of products

We have also fixed a few emergency bugs that prevents you accessing a few templates. You should be able to access all templates available on the Dashboard right now.

If you find this has the potential to be your daily driver, please feel free to show your support by upgrading your account. You will be able to save and continue to edit your work online on our server without limits! That way we will be able to have the budget to upgrade our service to a faster server.

Thanks again,


  • Tim S
    November 20, 2019

    Congrats on the first launch! I do see it has the potential as long as it has the type of template that I like. There are also few bugs stopping me from changing colour on the background.

    • Tim S
      November 20, 2019

      Love this after all 🙂

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